Sunrise Kitchens is pleased to offer finishing services using our new automated Cefla paint line to our finishing process. We are the only kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Western Canada to own this high-performance paint line with the revolutionary Sun-Spot paint drying system.

Please fill your finishing requirements in the form below.

FInishing form

  • Sunrise Kitchens is offering paint (Poly Urethane) only, no stain
  • Incoming inspection will be performed on the products – these must be paint-ready
  • Painting will start only when 100% of the products are received
  • It is the customer’s responsibility for dropping off the unfinished products at Sunrise Kitchens
  • Sunrise Kitchens will inspect the quality when the customer drops its unfinished products. The defective products will be rejected if they do not meet Sunrise Kitchen’s quality standards
  • If the customer authorizes Sunrise Kitchens to paint on defective products, the customer shall accept these products once finished
  • If the customer misses the drop-off day, the pickup day will be re-scheduled
  • If the customer is not able to pick up within 2 business days after the pickup date, it will not be Sunrise Kitchen’s responsibility to guarantee the finish quality, or the customer may be charged a storage fee


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