Addition of Automated Cefla Paint Line

Date: July 2022

We are pleased to announce the addition of our new 85-foot automated Cefla paint line to our finishing process.

This new finishing line increases our capacity to 1,300 doors (50 kitchens) in 8 hours.

Sunrise Kitchens is the only kitchen cabinet manufacturer in Western Canada to own this high-performance paint line with the revolutionary Sun-Spot paint drying system. The Sun-Spot provides accelerated drying and curing with catalytic infrared heaters that efficiently and cleanly cure coatings to a more robust finish.

Other features of the Celfa finishing process :

Micro-Cleaning – ensures surfaces are completely dust-free which is an essential prerequisite to produce high-quality finish.

Spray Booth – contains two-arm oscillating spray nozzles providing impressive results for a smooth and consistent coating.

Flash Oven – the compact vertical oven is perfect for flash-off drying and with the 6-tray stacked system it delivers the same function of an in-line oven.

We have also made the decision to switch to polyurethane coatings instead of the traditional conversion varnish coating. Sunrise Kitchens is the only kitchen cabinet manufacture in BC to use polyurethane coatings as standard. This significantly increases durability and resistance to moisture, scratches, and spills for our painted products.

Sunrise Kitchens can proudly say that we are the industry leader in Western Canada for the cabinetry finishing process.