CKCA National Forum

Date: October 2023

Over 100 CKCA members connected in Monton, New Brunswick for the annual National Forum for three days of networking, education, and plant tours.

It is great to be a part of this year’s sold-out event – having the opportunity to engage in enriching conversations and sharing valuable experiences.

“The plant tours we visited allowed us to clearly grasp the significant progress Sunrise Kitchen’s has made and how successfully we have embraced industry 4.0. The presentations over the course of the 3-day tour were impactful, delivering insightful personal development insights, the future of AI and a heartwarming keynote delivered by a family-operated manufacture who shared a wealth of experience and actionable advice, these sessions effectively united the tour experience,” shares Amrita Bhogal, Sunrise Kitchens People & Culture Leader and CKCA Vice-President.

Paul Bhogal, President and CEO of Sunrise Kitchens expressed, “the plant tours were fantastic and played an essential role in demonstrating how our progress over the last three years has been instrumental in positioning us within the industry today.”

“We are definitely leaders in our industry, and we are eager to unfold what the future holds,” says Navjot Bhogal, Direct of Development for Sunrise Kitchens.