SBOT stops at Sunrise Kitchens on Fall Virtual Tour

Date: September 2021

We were recently a part of the Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT) virtual tour showcasing our newly updated factory. Our Director of Operations, Gary Marasigan, shared the process of growth in technology and machinery, which has helped us become the leading manufacturer of kitchen cabinets for the multi-family market.

Sunrise Kitchens offers a one-stop-solutions provider for all things cabinets, from design to sourcing innovative materials, to engineering, to production, delivery, and Installation of the cabinets at the construction sites, we do it all.

We take pride in our community and support each other to grow and succeed. Over the years, we have established many loyal partnerships and established a solid customer base. Our goal is to continue to re-invest into our business and Surrey as it grows towards being BC’s largest city!

Sunrise Kitchens is proud to be an active member of the Surrey Board of Trade and again, we are grateful for the opportunity to showcase who we are and what we do and of course we would welcome anyone wanting to visit us in person!