Sunrise Kitchens developing a robust system by following KAIZEN methodology

It is time to grow again. With completing our 5-year strategic plan we have quickly come to realize that its time for an organization culture change. As we move towards INDUSTRY 4.0 it is crucial to enhance positive work environments, supportive management, providing employees meaningful work and developing our employees to become everyday leaders. To implement this change Sunrise Kitchens have become members of the Kaizen Institute and this approach will lead us to the next chapter of success.

“Kaizen is a word with an ancient origin that belongs to the Japanese vocabulary.
It is composed of two words: Kai, which means “change” and Zen, which is related to Oriental theories of the pursuit of perfection and means “good. “Hence Kaizen means to change for the better, every day, in all areas of the company, involving all employees, in short, Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement. This meaning is contemporary and was made known to us by Toyota through Mr. Masaaki Imai. Today Kaizen is recognized around the world as an important pillar of competitive strategy in Organizations” (Kaizen Institute, 2018).

This systematic approach is helping Sunrise Kitchens identify and eliminate Muda (waste) (non-value-added activities) through continuous improvement of processes, enabling our product to flow at a rate determined by the pull of our internal and external customers. We are eager to change for the better with the help of implementing the Kaizen method in our people and processes. As an organization, we take pride in our people and helping them improve not only at work but in their personal lives as well. The Kaizen method has become one of our principles.