Workplace Tour of Syrian Refugees at Sunrise Kitchens

Canada welcomed more than 25,000 Syrian refugees between Nov. 2015 and Feb. 2016, and aims to receive an additional 10,000 by the end of the year. The Government of Canada is collaborating with private sponsors, non-governmental organizations, and provincial, territorial, and municipal governments to provide settlement assistance that will enable these refugees to find shelter, food, English language skills, and employment in their new home country.

Sunrise Kitchens, a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturing company in the Lower Mainland, opened its doors on March 22 to a group of Syrian refugees as part of a Welcome to Workplaces in Canada Tour facilitated by WCG Services and MOSAIC. The tour provided participants with an opportunity to see Canadian workplaces in action to help them understand the Canadian employment environment. Paul Bhogal, CEO of Sunrise Kitchens, enthusiastically explained the culture of his workplace, discussed qualifications and the hiring process, and described the types of employment opportunities available at Sunrise. Through the Welcome to Workplaces in Canada tour, participating employers were able to showcase their businesses and share their expectations of new hires, allowing this group of refugees to gain knowledge that will help them find meaningful employment in the Canadian workforce.